Odme_ sets speedrun record in Super Mario 602 Star, finishes 4 games in under 20 hours

A new world record was set after an exhausting stream.

Image via Nintendo

One of the most interesting parts of speedrunning is that almost every game has multiple categories that have their own requirements, rules, and records. This can even span entire franchises, with players working to speedrun multiple games from the same series consecutively. 

Odme_ has been speedrunning Mario games for years now, and after improving his craft through the years, the runner finally did the impossible: He finished the 3D Mario 602 gauntlet with a sub-20-hour run to set the world record. 

The 3D Mario 602 is a speedrun that features four different 3D Super Mario titles, Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario Galaxy, and Super Mario Galaxy 2. In order to complete the run, players have to finish each of the four games in a single sitting, which Odme_ did live on Twitch. 

He set the world record at 19 hours, 57 minutes, and 41 seconds, which was more than 20 minutes better than the previous record set by MutantsAbyss six months ago, according to Speedrun.com. His run was powered by strong finishes in Mario 64 and Sunshine, while also setting a personal best time for Mario Galaxy

  • SM64: 1:51:46
  • SMG: 5:35:27 (PB)
  • SMS: 3:12:59
  • SMG2: 9:17:07

He now holds the world record in five of the Multiple Mario Game categories—3D Mario 246, 3D Mario 370, 3D Mario 602, 3D Mario 1,120, and Sandbox Mario Any Percent. He also holds multiple top finishes in other Mario categories, specifically in Super Mario Galaxy 2, where he has placed in the top three of every category except Any Percent.