Noxcrew confirms Minecraft Championships (MCC) 17 will run on Sept. 18

There might be an added surprise since the event is running earlier than expected.

Screengrab via Noxcrew

Noxcrew wasted no time in pushing ahead into Minecraft Championships (MCC) 17, announcing that the next numbered competition will take place on Sept. 18. 

This is much earlier than the event typically runs. Noxcrew tends to use the entire month to hype up the competition with game, team, and content reveals before hosting it on the final weekend. But the team is hinting that there could be something extra involved in the quick turnaround. 

For fans, this could mean some special element being added into MCC 17 that needs to be timely, news about future content drops and updates, or maybe something as simple as confirmation of the new event mascots. 

In the previous event, Dream won his second straight MCC, helping F1nn5ter, BadBoyHalo, and Seapeekay take home the title for the Pink Parrots. He’s now tied with HBomb94 for most wins in MCC history with four apiece. 

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No further details about MCC 17 have been shared at this time. But just like with all MCC competitions, Noxcrew will be sharing frequent updates on who will be participating, the games that will be featured, and other news ahead of the event’s start time. 

Since the turnaround from MCC 16 is three weeks instead of the usual month, you can expect teams to start being announced as soon as next week.