Ninja shares his top moments from the past decade

He won a lot of video games.

Screengrab via Ninja

Ninja’s explosion to fame in the past two years served as a memorable bookend to the 2010-2019 decade, but there was more that went into the decade than his recent fame and fortune.

In a YouTube video made in partnership with his sponsor Red Bull, Ninja walked through each year of the decade detailing the biggest moment in his personal life for each year, starting with getting fired from Noodles & Co. in 2010. 

Ninja talked about traveling to Columbus for a Halo tournament that he ultimately won, but to do so, he needed to get a friend to cover for him at his job. After Ninja didn’t show up, his boss called him and fired him. But Ninja didn’t seem to mind too much because he had just won a tournament. 

The following years’ most memorable moments included numerous high-profile tournament wins as well as proposing to his wife, Jessica.

One negative moment stood out among the many highlights. Ninja’s most memorable moment from 2014 was a surgery that he had on his eye that kept him from playing video games and prevented him from streaming during the release of Destiny. After recovering from the surgery, Ninja returned to significantly fewer viewers on his Twitch channel.

Ninja ended the memorable moments montage by talking about making the cover of ESPN the Magazine in 2018 and he said his biggest moment in 2019 was traveling the world with his wife as part of a project he’s doing with Red Bull.