Ninja responds to Blink-182’s Mixer diss at TwitchCon

“Time to stop listening to Blink-182.”

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Popular Fortnite star Tyler “Ninja” Blevins won’t be listening to “All the Small Things” any time soon.

Ninja took it personally when he found out that iconic pop-punk band Blink-182 dissed streaming platform Mixer during their TwitchCon concert over the weekend.

“Want to take just a moment and say ‘fuck Mixer,’” lead singer Mark Hoppus said before being met with applause and cheers.

Ninja was informed of Hoppus’ comment during his Mixer stream yesterday by Fortnite pro Malachi “Reverse2k” Greiner. Even though it’s unclear whether Hoppus was targeting Ninja specifically, the streamer felt singled out.

“Why would they do that?” Ninja said. “That’s freaking toxic, man… Time to stop listening to Blink-182. Inadvertently, they basically said ‘F- Ninja.’”

Ninja admitted to being jealous that he couldn’t watch one of his favorite bands headline TwitchCon, but his sentiments have likely changed after hearing what Hoppus said. The streamer found it absurd that a rock band would criticize Mixer since they don’t broadcast or hold an allegiance to either platform. 

While Hoppus doesn’t stream on Twitch, the lead singer does seem to enjoy playing video games.

Blink-182’s concert at TwitchCon 2019 came a week after the band released their eighth album “Nine,” which debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard charts.