Ninja, Monstercat, and shroud were Mixer’s most popular streamers in October

Ninja and shroud will be battling for the top.

Image via Mixer

Following his surprising decision to move from Twitch, shroud has jumped into the top three most-popular streamers on Mixer for the month of October. He was third in the standings behind the online radio Monstercat, and, of course, Ninja.

Shroud made the switch over to the Microsoft-owned streaming platform near the end of the month, which didn’t give him a lot of time to catch up to Ninja. The former Counter-Strike pro logged in with 1,227,583 hours watched, according to Esports Charts, despite only streaming on Mixer six times during the month.

In comparison, Ninja had 2,037,000 hours watched in October, which easily topped the Mixer charts. Monstercat barely has more than shroud at the moment, with only 1,417,587 hours watched. The 25-year-old will likely surpass this channel soon and compete with Ninja for the Mixer crown in November.

With Mixer’s smaller viewer base compared to Twitch, it makes sense why shroud and Ninja dominated the site’s viewership right from the get-go. In the long run, however, Mixer will need to put a lot of work into attracting more big-name streamers or the platform will risk stagnating once again.

Even though Ninja and shroud are huge in the streaming community, they’re only two people in the grand scheme of things. Although both broadcasters can bounce viewers off each other, there aren’t many other well-known Mixer streamers who can realistically maintain a strong viewership with that audience.

Meanwhile, Twitch has a huge collection of streamers who share the same viewer base as both Ninja and shroud. People might defer to Twitch to stay with more of the streamers they’re familiar with, rather than following Ninja and shroud to a completely new platform without many other popular streamers to switch to if they get bored.