Ninja donates $30,000 during Lachlan’s charity stream for Australian fires

Ninja is doing what he can to help the land down under.

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Fortnite streamer Ninja surprised YouTuber Lachlan during a livestream today with a donation of $30,000 to benefit an Australian bushfire charity.

The Australian bushfires have devastated the country, as well as homes and wildlife. It continues to spiral out of control and some streamers are doing their best to draw attention to the emergency situation. It’s not uncommon for streamers on any platform to host charity streams, where any donations they receive go to a worthy cause. Lachlan was hosting his own charity livestream when Ninja interrupted to donate. 

Lachlan is an Australian YouTuber who specializes in Fortnite streams and videos. His latest is a Fortnite fashion show livestream to benefit the Australian firefighters working hard to combat the bushfires ravaging the forests and homes. During the livestream, Ninja donated $30,000 to the cause, shocking Lachlan. 

Lachlan posted a screengrab of the moment on Twitter, capturing his surprised face. 

The moment is heartwarming, offering a little hope in the severe situation. The intense fires have led to the deaths of several people and millions of animals, as well as thousands of homes being lost. Ninja’s big donation should go a long way with helping the firefighters who are struggling to gain control of the bushfires.

Judging by the surprise on Lachlan’s face, Ninja didn’t offer any warning before dropping this donation. Ninja has been fairly quiet on the matter, though. He retweeted Lachlan’s original tweet with a “<3” response and nothing more.

Ninja doesn’t need to comment, however. The donation speaks for itself. 

If you’d like to help, there are many charities you can donate to. The New York Times has a list of charities and organizations that are donating time, supplies, and money. 

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