Ninja and shroud reportedly “opted out” of negotiations with Facebook and are free to make a deal with other platforms

"Game on."

Ninja streaming with Nav
Screengrab via Ninja

Microsoft made waves today when it announced its decision to “close the operations side of Mixer.” And while most streaming fans are wondering which platform nabbed Mixer’s biggest streamers, it’s reportedly not Facebook Gaming.

Ninja and shroud have reportedly “opted out” of negotiating with Facebook, according to esports journalist Richard Lewis. And even though Facebook reportedly offered nearly double the amount of their original Mixer contracts, according to esports journalist Rod “Slasher” Breslau, the two declined.

Mixer is partnering with Facebook Gaming to help its content creators transition to a new platform. While Facebook will honor partner status and match existing partner agreements “as closely as possible,” it apparently wasn’t enough to entice Ninja and shroud.

Ninja reportedly made $30 million from the buyout, while shroud reportedly earned $10 million.

Ninja left Twitch last summer because of licensing issues and the streamer wanted more freedom to grow his brand. But with the streamer now a free agent, Twitch might want to rectify the deal to make both parties happy. This would also help Ninja get a huge part of his viewership back.

And since shroud got his payout from Mixer, going back to Twitch would be an easy transition.

But YouTube might throw a lucrative offer at the two streaming stars, combating anything Twitch is willing to muster.

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