NICKMERCS sees early success from new workout stream sessions

Taking it to another level.

Screengrab via NICKMERCS

He’s been talking about it for a while. And this week, everyone’s favorite jacked Call of Duty streamer NICKMERCS started his own workout stream segment. 

Known across the platform for his bro-like personality, the streamer finally set up a stream in his personal gym—and the resulting viewership over the past few days has been unlike anything the Fitness and Health category has ever seen.

With a peak of 67,358 viewers during his first workout, Nick has averaged 45,731 viewers during his three workout streams that span a total of three hours, according to Twitch stats website SullyGnome

In just three days, he’s more than doubled the number of hours watched that any other streamer has recorded in the category over the past three months.

Compared to his other content on Twitch, his workout stream is slightly below what he’s averaged playing Call of Duty. In the past seven days, his 27 hours of Warzone airtime have averaged 46,167 viewers.

But the top-notch production and setup of his workout stream make it something worth checking out if you want a break from the redundant grind that many games and streamers showcase on the platform.

Nick’s stream can be differentiated from others for a multitude of reasons. When you first visit his channel at the beginning of a workout session, there are a couple of things that stand out immediately. 

In the bottom right corner of the stream, Nick has imaging that lists exactly what exercises he’ll be doing. Meanwhile, a playlist of popular high-tempo music deemed to be DMCA-friendly pumps for everyone to hear. 

Hype music is synonymous with working out. And while Nick has his own headset playing music just for himself, soundtracks by artists like Drake playing through the stream at a high audio quality amplify the stream’s mood.

Another element of NICKMERCS’ success stems from his personal trainer Joe, who supports the content by directing the workout. At the beginning of the session, Joe gives a quick rundown of the day’s exercises while Nick preps himself. 

During the session, Nick’s partner keep him on track while also helping inform viewers when someone asks a question about fitness, working out, or dieting that Nick might not be able to answer himself. 

In between sets and workouts, Joe also helps set up the next workout so that Nick can interact with his viewers, enhancing the interactivity of the content.

Outside of a small “MFAM” sign, however, the wall above the mirrors in his gym are barren. As a streamer who seems to always be on the lookout for sponsorship opportunities, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Nick fill a little bit of that empty space if some fitness brands wanted to take a dive into the esports market. 

While the newness of NICKMERCS’ workout streaming sessions might be a large contributing factor to his viewership, it’s clear that he’s put in the thought, time, and energy required to make some of the most quality workout content possible on Twitch.