NICKMERCS responds to Artesian Builds giveaway controversy: ‘I don’t think anyone is going to watch that and think anything good of it’

NICKMERCS responds to his sponsor's controversy.

Screengrab via NICKMERCS

Popular Twitch streamer NICKMERCS responded to a giveaway controversy involving Artesian Builds, one of his sponsors.

Only hours before NICKMERCS’ response, the pre-built PC company Artesian Builds came under fire for being condescending to streamer kiapiaa and changing the rules of a giveaway, which disqualified kiapiaa from winning the giveaway. The company responded to kiapiaa’s initial tweets but only vaguely alluded to the ongoing situation and subsequently faced further criticism.

NICKMERCS was quick to respond to the controversy shortly thereafter on his stream.

“Point blank, without beating around the bush, what the homie said on that stream and the way that he said it was very weird,” NICKMERCS said, “It was very, very odd and very weird.”

Nick agreed with the consensus on Twitter, saying “I don’t think anyone is going to watch that and think anything good of it. I don’t like it.”

Although Nick was quick to distance himself from the situation and said that he doesn’t like or support the specific behavior, he stated his dislike for ‘cancel culture’ and the perceived possibility that people or companies could be “buried” for their actions.

NICKMERCS remains partnered with Artesian Builds so far, as the company’s banner remains present on his Twitch account, but he said that he and his team are “evaluating everything.” Artesian Builds have yet to make any further comments.