NICKMERCS looks to give back to viewers with CashApp sponsorship

"Gonna make it rain."

Screengrab via NICKMERCS

NICKMERCS added a new sponsor to his portfolio today that already rivals just about anyone else on Twitch by announcing that he’ll be working with mobile payment service CashApp.

The length of his deal with the brand and its terms were not disclosed, but Mercs indicated in his official post on Twitter that this isn’t a short-term sponsor.

“Announcing today that we are officially partnered up with CashApp & they will be a brand pillar moving forward!!” he wrote. “Kickin’ it off with some BIG giveaways today in the stream, see ya in there baby.”

Harping notes about how “community-oriented” CashApp is on stream today, Mercs put on a slight smirk telling his viewers that there’s a “good plan” for how the sponsor will interact with his audience.

To kick things off, Mercs said CashApp will be giving away around $20,000 to Nick’s viewers today in, well, cash.

“Just when we thought Christmas was over, it hasn’t even been a month, and we’re already back,” Nick said. “I told you guys a long time ago that as the stream grows and we’re able to get big bags and get big partnerships so will the giveaways continue to grow.”

Additionally, every week, Mercs is going to search for a smaller stream, preferably a part of the MFAM, and CashApp will gift that stream 200 subscriptions. 

Mercs admitted that he personally does this sort of thing already but stressed the value of having a sponsor’s involvement with a little bit of a food analogy.

“I do this already, but the point I’m getting at is that this partnership is really organic,” he said. “Everything that we already do and how we do it, CashApp just wants to throw another pancake on top of that fucking stack… It ain’t a little pancake either. It’s a monumental fucking pancake.”

Mercs said that along with today’s giveaway, there are a few more large giveaways coming in the future. But he didn’t indicate when those will happen. He also doesn’t have a date set for when he and CashApp will start giving away gifted subs yet.

“When I eat, you eat,” he said. “I made sure in all that fine print that we’re taking care of you guys. Don’t worry. I’m always thinking about you fuckers.”

Since the opening of his stream, Nick has had “!Cashapp” in his title. The chat command directs viewers to use the code “TWITCHTV” when creating a CashApp account to get a free $10.

Meanwhile, CashApp’s official Twitch account has been periodically gifting subscriptions in Mercs’ channel during today’s stream. Mercs’ Twitch page now also has a CashApp banner in a prominent spot directly below his “About” section.