Nadeshot and Rockstar Energy donate to cover indie musician’s tour

The CEO of 100 Thieves supports indie music in a wholesome Twitch moment.

Photo via Riot Games

100 Thieves CEO Nadeshot made a $3,000 donation with sponsor Rockstar Energy last night. The money went to small Twitch streamer and indie rock musician Jordan Wright, who goes by WrighteousJ on Twitch. Wright’s indie rock band is called City of Sound. At time of writing, WrighteousJ’s Twitch channel has just 1,800 followers.

“I just met this guy on Twitch,” Nadeshot said. “Up-and-coming band, been grinding, trying to become rockstars. [They] dropped everything, moved to L.A., trying to take what’s not given, literally the definition of 100 Thieves.” 

Nadeshot also made the decision to fully fund Wright’s upcoming tour for City of Sound because he loves the music. 

“Bro, I feel like I’m gonna climb a mountain or something,” Nadeshot said while listening to the music. He reacted to the band’s songs live on his stream after donating, exclaiming, “damn, the drop. If that’s what you would call it, I don’t know, but it’s doing something to me emotionally inside.”

Wright’s stream became emotional after the donation. “I’m gonna start crying,” Wright said with a laugh. 

The City of Sound duo then reacted to Nadeshot’s stream, laughing together as Nadeshot said, “guys, [he’s] jacked, a jawline that could cure COVID, play music, piano, sing… it’s wild bro.”

“The music is incredible,” Nadeshot said. “And now they’re going on tour, baby… City of Sound. If you haven’t heard about ‘em, look ‘em up.”

This morning, City of Sound tweeted out to thank Nadeshot, Rockstar Energy, 100 Thieves, and “every person that gave us a moment last night.”