Myth to leave TSM after deciding not to re-sign

Full sail toward new shores for one of the biggest current content creators.

Screengrab via Myth

Twitch streamer and content creator Ali “Myth” Kabbani is parting ways with TSM after three years, according to a video announcement shared today by both Myth and TSM. In the announcement, Myth revealed that he made the decision not to re-sign with TSM, declining to extend his contract going forward.

In the video, Myth said the “family feel” that initially attracted him to TSM has been missing, namely due to the departures of both former TSM president Leena Xu and former League of Legends mid laner Bjergsen. Additionally, Myth felt that he wasn’t “really being utilized in an efficient manner,” pointing out that he hasn’t been in a ton of TSM content recently.

Regarding his next destination, Myth said he wants to be a bigger part of their content, to put himself “into more uncomfortable situations,” and find himself as a person. Some potential suitors (based on replies to the announcement) include 100 Thieves, NRG (where former TSM Fortnite creators Daequan and Hamlinz are stationed), and OfflineTV, among others.

Myth joined TSM in 2018 and initially focused solely on Fortnite competition and content creation. Over the years, Myth moved further and further away from Fortnite, having spent most of his time on air in 2020 and 2021 playing VALORANT. He co-streamed a handful of VCT events during 2021, providing a massive flux of viewership, particularly during TSM matches.

Myth’s services as a content creator should be in high demand considering his social statistics: 4.6 million subscribers on YouTube, 2.5 million followers on Twitter, and the 10th most followed Twitch channel with 7.4 million followers, according to TwitchTracker.

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