Most followed channels on Twitch

Ninja is still at the top.

Photo via Red Bull

Following a channel on Twitch doesn’t benefit a content creator monetarily, but it is one of the most basic indicators for understanding a channel or streamer’s popularity overall.

Unlike a subscriber count, a channel’s follower count doesn’t tend to move in a cyclical fashion. Users don’t need to spend money to follow and they aren’t forced to re-up every month. 

While subscriber counts will give you an idea of who the hottest and most popular streamers are in a given month, a follower count shows a better idea of a streamer’s longevity. 

For this reason, Ninja sits atop the platform with the most-followed channel on Twitch, despite taking a year away from the platform to stream on the now-defunct Microsoft streaming service Mixer. 

Even though he wasn’t among the top 100 most-watched content creators in 2021, according to statistics acquired by Sully Gnome, Ninja can still be considered historically the most popular content creator on Twitch by citing his more than 17 million followers.

He’s among just four content creators who have more than 10 million followers—including Auronplay, Tfue, and Rubius. Just outside of that threshold is Shroud, who has 9.9 million followers.

Here are the top 20 most followed channels on Twitch, according to statistics tracked by Sully Gnome.

Screengrab via Sully Gnome