Mixer shutdown reportedly set for July 23 after marketing error


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It seems Microsoft’s streaming platform Mixer cannot catch a break even as it marches toward a complete shutdown.

Despite advertising July 22 as the official shutdown date for the platform, the service is still going. The reason for this, according to esports insider Rod “Slasher” Breslau, is that Mixer’s marketing team used the wrong date for the shutdown and never got around to fixing the error.

Breslau reported that Mixer will actually shut down at 1pm CT on July 23. Numerous Mixer streamers ran what they thought would be their last broadcast on the platform, but if they stream early enough tomorrow, they can get one last stream in before Mixer’s demise.

While several Mixer streamers have chosen Twitch as their new home, Facebook Gaming has been advertised on the site’s front page as a part of a partnership between Microsoft and Facebook. On June 22, Microsoft announced its plans to partner with Facebook Gaming after shutting down Mixer and shared it would be fully supporting partnered channels in making the shift to the new platform.

Two of Mixer’s largest acquisitions, Ninja and Shroud, have stayed relatively quiet after the shutdown was announced. The pair reportedly signed massive deals in 2019 to stream exclusively on Mixer and also reportedly received millions when Microsoft announced the proverbial doors were closing.

While some streamers may make the move from Mixer to Facebook, it looks unlikely either Ninja nor Shroud will do so. Ninja, in particular, already ran his first stream on YouTube and had over 160,000 people watching him at one time. The streaming star has not streamed since, however.


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