Method removes Jokerd from stream team for “offensive and unsportsmanlike behavior”

Well, that was quick.

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Daniel “Jokerd” Gobey, who became the first player in the world to reach level 60 in World of Warcraft Classic, has been removed from Method’s stream team for “offensive and unsportsmanlike behavior,” the organization announced today.

Method signed Jokerd fewer than three weeks ago, but after the streamer ‘ninjaed’ the powerful Staff of Dominance from another player and taunted them, WoW’s top organization dropped Jokerd. Method’s general manager, Shanna “Darrie” Roberts, offered an apology to fans, saying the team feels “let down by [Jokerd’s] behavior, just as many of you are.”

When he hit level 60 on Aug. 30, had more than 300,000 viewers watching. Since then, though, his viewership numbers have understandably fell. Despite this, Method brought him into the most popular team in WoW.

Unfortunately, his contract may be terminated soon as the org tries to distance itself from the controversial Maltese streamer.