Meowri wins debut of Amouranth’s Streamer Royale competition

The debut of Amouranth's new show was a success.

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The first champion of the newest Twitch competition “Streamer Royale” has been crowned after a day of fierce physical challenges featuring recognizable faces that call the streaming platform home.

Amouranth hosted the first Streamer Royale, featuring 20 popular streamers from across Twitch competing in various challenges in an attempt to earn a trophy. After over five hours of competition between both the men and women, Meowri emerged as the victor in the debut of the show.

Competitors participated in events such as finding flags in foam pits, a gladiator fight, and kneeboarding at high speeds. Those that were eliminated were sent to the sidelines to cheer on the remainder of the competition, many of them creating posters for specific creators with memes associated with their streams.

The Streamer Royale also offered fans the ability to bring two of the competitors that had been eliminated earlier in the competition to return later on through voting. This led to Alluux and PayMoneyWubby stepping back into the fray to join the three finalists that had qualified through winning each event.

It ultimately came down to Meowri, a “MoistCritikal” body-double, KittyPlays, Alluxx, and PayMoneyWubby in the final event, requiring them to collect flags hidden in an inflatable obstacle course floating on the lake. Though physical contact was encouraged, the competitors opted to look for the flags rather than push their competition into the water. Alluux ended in third place, KittyPlays took silver with second, and Meowri ultimately emerged in first.

It is unclear if and when Amouranth will hold another iteration of the Streamer Royale. The debut stream boasted over 25,000 concurrent viewers throughout its entire five-hour duration, and marks one of the many initiatives that Amouranth is instituting as part of her content changes.