MC Championship 11 scheduled for Oct. 24

Time for some spooky Minecraft competitions.

Screengrab via Noxcrew

The 11th iteration of the Minecraft MC Championship is officially on the calendar, and spooky skins are a requirement for all competitors. 

Noxcrew has settled on Oct. 24 for the event’s return this month, with teams to be announced shortly. 

MCC 10 was a mixed bag of intense action, funny moments, and a fulfilled prophecy as FalseSymmetry became the first back-to-back champion with an incredible Ace in Dodgebolt. PeteZahHutt also tied Dream for the most total championship wins at three, which could be a narrative to focus on heading into MCC 11. 

And because the last event’s inclusion of two teams composed entirely of viewers went over so well, we can hopefully expect a new cast of players no one has seen before joining the competition. 

Since it is the spooky season and MCC 11 will take place so close to Halloween, Noxcrew has made festive skins mandatory and there might be a few visual changes in some of the games to celebrate Halloween. More details on the spooky theme will be shared closer to the actual event. 

As usual, the event will be streamed across most of the competitor’s individual Twitch or YouTube channels, with Noxcrew hosting an Admin View stream to showcase some of the inner workings of the event and overview of every player. 

MCC 11 will kick off at 2pm CT on Oct. 24, so get your sweets and Jack-o’-lanterns ready.