Ludwig’s subathon timer hits one second before being saved by subscribers

It was a close call.

Screengrab via Ludwig

In its 26th straight day of broadcast, Luwdiwg’s subathon came close to finally being over. The timer fell to a single second while the streamer was away from his computer, but subscriptions from fans added time to the clock before it struck zero.

Although the timer dwindled into the final seconds multiple times over the past 24 hours, this was the first and only time it had gotten down to one second remaining.

With the dedicated viewership standing by, the timer was quickly saved as subscriptions rolled in, taking the time from a mere second up to a much-more-healthy three minutes in no time.

Since this, the timer has remained above the 30-second mark, going as high as 20 minutes thanks to generous subscribers gifting subs to some of the tens of thousands viewing the stream.

Reaching a record 200,000 subscribers earlier in the week, Ludwig currently boasts over 230,000 subscribers. This number is quickly closing in on the all-time Twitch subscriber record held by Ninja at 269,154.

Despite the close calls, Ludwig’s subathon doesn’t seem to be coming to an end anytime soon, and there are still five more days until the time cap of 31 days closes the show.

At the pace he’s currently gaining subscribers, Ludwig will likely come close, if not break Ninja’s record before the stream is complete.