Ludwig reveals revenue stats 3 days into subathon stream

Mogul Moves.

Image via Ludwig

With no end in sight, Twitch streamer Ludwig’s subathon stream has entered its fourth day of life. Fortunately for Ludwig, the stream seems to have been very, very financially successful.

Earlier today on his stream, Ludwig shared a viewer’s spreadsheet that is tracking some of the data related to the stream, including the revenue generated broken down into different sections.

Just three days in, according to the spreadsheet, the streamer had generated over $140,000 since going live on March 14. With players having the ability to increase the duration of the stream by subscribing or donating, Ludwig has been able to earn around $1,500 per hour.

These numbers are before the streamer pays tax and it is also before Twitch’s cut has been factored in, which would, according to projections, bring the figure down to around $107,000.

The datasheet also includes a prediction of how long the stream could remain live. The estimate made says that the stream could potentially go on for another 18 days with a total estimate of 500 hours.

A sub count was also included with the information and it says that if Ludwig continues to gain subscribers at this rate for the remainder of March, he would surpass Ninja as the most subscribers gained in one month.

Currently, it is not clear how long Ludwig plans to allow viewers to increase the time, but the timer right now is much higher than when the stream initially began and with every sleep, the streamer has been waking up to a substantial time increase.