Ludwig partners with Epic Games to hold weekly Fortnite tournaments

The star will hold three tournaments with a total of $100,000 up for grabs.

Image via Ludwig

Popular YouTube streamer Ludwig has today announced a massive partnership with Epic Games which will see him host multiple tournaments in Fortnite. The announcement was made today during his stream and then later shared on social media.

Starting next week, the first tournament of the partnership will be held.

The first week will be unlike other official Epic Games Fortnite events; pros won’t be able to participate. Likewise, streamers who average more than 1000 viewers won’t be eligible to take part either. Week one is made for small creators and will give them the chance to grow in popularity and also get their hands-on part of the $100,000 prize pool.

During the tournament, participants will play in the popular new Fortnite Zero Build mode, which will test their gunplay without the aid of building.

The second week will be a creator event in trios that will feature other streamers from across Twitch and YouTube. Right now, Ludwig shared on his stream that he hadn’t yet planned the final tournament for the event which will come in its third week.

Over the last few weeks, Ludwig has been hosting “Ludwig Monday’s featuring Fortnite” which has seen him play the game alongside some of YouTube and Twitch’s biggest creators like Lazarbeam, xQc, and more.

You’ll be able to tune into all three of the Fortnite tournaments on Ludwig’s YouTube channel each Monday, starting from next week and running until May 2.