Ludwig hits over 30,000 viewers on Twitch while sleeping


Screengrab via Ludwig

Popular Twitch streamer Ludwig became the most-viewed channel on the platform for a short time earlier today while sleeping.

Ludwig, who’s hosting a “subathon” on his channel right now, has given his viewers the power to dictate how long his stream remains live.

For every subscriber or donation, a small amount of time is added to a timer present on his stream that indicates how long he needs to continue streaming.

With around 19 hours left, Ludwig chose to get some sleep, hoping that this would be a great way to kill some time. But this strategy had adverse effects.

Upon waking up, Ludwig’s timer had reached 27 hours and was continuing to climb, much to his shock.

Shortly after this, the streamer decided to reduce the time penalty for a subscriber. Right now, Ludwig’s viewers have raised the timer above 29 hours.

In the past, streamers have had subathons last days. Right now, with no sign of slowing down, Ludwig is set to have a long stream ahead of him.