Ludwig breaks 100,000 subscribers during subathon stream

And it's only going up.

Image via Ludwig

Ludwig’s “subathon” stream that has now eclipsed one full week of broadcast time has helped the popular Twitch content creator hit one of the most impressive milestones of any person in the platform’s history.

As of today, Ludwig has officially surpassed 100,000 active subscribers. That’s good for the most of any streamer on the platform by a large margin. The second-ranked stream in terms of active subs is Ranboolive with 67,031, according to TwitchTracker

Ludwig’s current sub total is 102,113.

At the same time, he’s pushed his follower count on the platform well over the two million mark. During his subathon, he’s regularly gained more than 30,000 followers a day, according to Social Blade.

Over the past three days, he’s gained 67,534, 56,361, and 74,836 followers. Prior to his subathon, he was gaining fewer than 10,000 followers a day.

Ludwig started his subathon stream on March 17. And since then, he’s streamed one long broadcast that includes him sleeping, working out, and even showering. 

Since he started the subathon process, he’s also had multiple pieces of sponsored content that were planned well before he ever expected the subathon to last as long as it has.

The rules of the subathon make it so that the more people subscribe to him, the longer the stream lasts. The only thing that can stop the subathon before its 31-day cap is for people to stop subbing to him, which doesn’t seem likely at the rate he’s going.