Firehouse Subs extends Ludwig’s subathon during sponsored segment

The stream has been going on for a while.

Screengrab via Ludwig

It wasn’t planned this way, but due to the lengths his audience has gone to extend his stream, Ludwig did an advertisement for Firehouse Subs during his “Subathon” today.

The sponsored stream was scheduled a while ago before he realized that his subathon would end up lasting multiple days, according to Ludwig. Ludwig’s now-notoriously long Subathon began on Sunday and he has been live ever since due to viewers subscribing to his channel, which extends the length of his stream further.

The activation with Firehouse Subs today included commercial imaging for the brand. Ludwig started the sponsored stream segment by doing a live read advertising the sandwich shop.

During the segment, Ludwig played Super Mario Galaxy and in the bottom right corner of his screen a sub with the Firehouse Subs logo underneath it slowly started to take shape. 

The sandwich started as just bread and lettuce, but as Ludwig continued to play games, tomatoes, onions, meat and other sandwich related items began to appear. Once the sandwich was completed on the screen, the official Firehouse Subs Twitch account gifted five subscriptions to Ludwig’s channel. 

This process was repeated numerous times over the course of just more than two hours of Ludwig’s stream. Interestingly enough, while the gifting of subscriptions by Firehouse was planned, Ludwig did not account for his Subathon still running during the sponsored stream.

Because of the way his Subathon is set up, all of the gifted subs that he received during the sponsored segment further extended his already ridiculously long broadcast.