LIRIK’s Twitch channel banned

The streamer was banned on his off day.

Screengrab via LIRIK

One of the most popular streamers on Twitch has been banned.

LIRIK, a variety streamer with nearly 20,000 subscribers and averages over 20,000 viewers per stream, has been banned from streaming on Twitch. StreamerBans, a Twitter account that tracks partnered channel bans, tweeted out that LIRIK had been hit with his first ban at 8:42pm CT.

Per Twitch policy, the platform does not publicly reveal why streamers have banned, allowing the streamers to do so. LIRIK’s last tweet was yesterday at 6:16pm CT.

LIRIK’s last stream took place yesterday afternoon. During that stream, the popular personality explained that he did not use a webcam because he is “brown” and that he did not want to be perceived a certain way online because of his color.

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“Being without a cam kinda did help out because people don’t then just have preconceived notions or whatever,” LIRIK said. “You know, people don’t have filters online. They just see you and they’ll just judge you straight up.”

LIRIK has since posted photos of himself on social media and occasionally turned on his webcam during his streams, but he continues to regularly stream without showing his face. He is one of the few top streamers on the platform that does not stream with a webcam.

Update June 4 9:37pm CT: LIRIK’s channel has been unbanned after just 42 minutes. LIRIK tweeted that during a segment in his stream, “there was a video shown that should have not been shown on stream.”