Jinnytty shuts down IRL Twitch streaming critic: ‘This is literally the coolest thing you could do’

Jinny defended streaming.

IRL Twitch streamer Jinnytty butted heads with a stranger on the streets of Penang, Malaysia, after he criticized her for making a career out of livestreaming.

Among the IRL travel streamers, Korean streamer Jinnytty is one of the most well-traveled. In only the past week, the globetrotting streaming has ventured across Malaysia, visiting Kuala Lumpur, Penang, and countless places in between. Four hours into a hidden bar search stream in Penang, a random stranger approached Jinny solely to criticize her for streaming.

The random man judgmentally referred to streaming as “sad” and “everything that’s wrong with [younger] generations.” Jinny did not simply take the unsolicited criticism; she rebuked the passerby.

“I shame you for shaming this,” Jinny said. “This is literally the coolest thing you could do.”

Jinny elaborated further, explaining that streaming allowed her to show her significant audiences different places around the world that they otherwise may not have been able to see themselves. Though expressing how much she enjoyed showing the world to her international audience, the unexpected stream guest only asked, ‘What’s so special about that?’

The man lingered, attempting to continue speaking to Jinny despite discrediting her career choice. The streamer brushed off the strange experience and ended the stream after returning to her hotel. Both the live chat and threads that followed quickly sided with Jinny.

While livestreaming is certainly not without its critics, the growing occupation clearly resonates with millions of monthly users.