Jake Lucky receives wave of death threats after calling out IShowSpeed

Lucky responds to the controversy.

Co-owner of Full Squad Gaming Jake Lucky received over 1,500 death threats and hate messages after addressing streamer IShowSpeed’s sexist remarks, according to a tweet from yesterday.

On April 6, the esports and influencer commentator shared a clip of IShowSpeed verbally berating a woman in his VALORANT game. Lucky condemned the toxicity shown in the clip and the audiences for giving it “nothing but praise and laughs.” Replies to Lucky’s post provided clips of teammates in the same game being racist toward IShowSpeed shortly before his outburst, with some attempting to accuse Lucky of double standards or racism.

Lucky’s post brought significant attention toward IShowSpeed’s channel and regular behavioral trends, showing that the content creator often used outbursts of anger to gain attention and viewership. While many creators similarly condemned IShowSpeed’s misogynist tirade, others, such as Asmongold, condemned attempts to cancel the streamer outright. IShowSpeed was also banned from all Riot Games titles following the controversy.

In an April 8 post, Lucky addressed the controversy and the accusations that he was unfair for calling out IShowSpeed. “I called out bad behavior, I am not trying to cancel him, nor do I think that he should be cancelled,” Instead, he sought to make IShowSpeed accountable to his large audience, Lucky said.

The commentator also addressed accusations of racism, saying it “has nothing to do with race, and anyone who somehow thinks I’m racist for this I’m not sure there’s any convincing you otherwise.” Lucky also said he hopes IShowSpeed can reform, given that the streamer has since apologized publicly.

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