Innersloth gives a brief look at Among Us’ 2021 development roadmap

The team is working hard and promises more updates soon.

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Among Us has continued to be one of the most played games in the world since exploding in popularity in August. And now, the developers at Innersloth are ready to give some updates on where the game is headed. 

In the team’s first devlog since Nov. 24, Innersloth reminded fans today that the game is now available on Nintendo Switch, will be coming to Xbox later this year, and a new map is coming soon. 

The Airship map was revealed at The Game Awards last month, showing off the large map that will add some extra variety to the game with the ability to choose where you spawn, new tasks, and new costumes. There’s still no set date, but the devs are adamant it’ll launch in early 2021. 

After launching on Nintendo Switch on Dec. 15, Among Us has been among the top sellers on the hybrid console. Now, the game is available on Switch, Steam, Xbox Gamepass PC, and the Epic Games Store, with a planned launch on Xbox consoles proper later this year. 

As a small update to the game, Innersloth has pushed some bug fixes for the Switch version and will continue to improve the console experience throughout the coming weeks. 

The developers are also looking to be more transparent with their development plans moving forward by making a public roadmap available for fans to view. This won’t include specific dates unless the team is confident they can meet them, but more details about this plan will be given soon. 

Innersloth has doubled down on its stance that it won’t just hire more developers because the team believes that would hinder them if the process isn’t handled properly. 

“Adding more people doesn’t automatically make development go faster – it slows it down and can cause a ton of issues if we don’t do it properly (and in the worst cases, when finances aren’t handled properly, it can actually end up closing a studio completely,)” Innersloth said. “Many indie studios have faced this problem, sadly.) Hiring, training, onboarding, possible interpersonal disputes, artistic differences, code legibility, legal/privacy concerns, and an infinite number of other problems can arise.”

With that in mind, the team said it’s taking things slowly and “have things in the works” for future announcements. 

The team is also actively working to implement an account system that will add a lot of moderation tools, with highly requested items like a friends list, saved stats, and more being noted for potential future updates. 

As a final note, Innersloth thanked fans for their support and patience while its small team worked to restructure the game among the influx of players and now work to streamline and improve its work on Among Us

“Thank you SO much for the patience as you wait for the next big update!” Innersloth said. “We want to do more for you to show you how grateful we are, but without sacrificing on the quality and values we had before this blew up.”


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