iiTzTimmy reaches Twitch subscriber milestone weeks into 1-year subathon stream

iiTzTimmy is going the distance.

Screengrab via Twitch.tv/iitztimmy

Popular Apex Legends Twitch streamer has reached over 50,000 subscribers only a few weeks into his potentially year-long subathon.

Over the past year, subathons have become the newest and biggest trend across the streaming world. For streamers taking part in the practice, each new subscriber forces the streamer to keep broadcasting and adds a designated increment of time to the stream’s countdown. While some streamers put a maximum amount of time they would be willing to stream for, others have left their subathons ‘uncapped.’

Ludwig undoubtedly first popularized the trend, streaming for an entire month straight and amassing over 283,000 subscribers in that time. Since this, streamers of all categories and sizes have taken a run at lengthy subathons, however iiTzTimmy has undeniably been among the more successful.

iiTzTimmy began his subathon to celebrate his twenty-second birthday on April 19 and boasted an astonishing one-year cap. While still far off from the one million subscribers required to go the length of an entire year, the streamer has already reached some impressive benchmarks. In only his few weeks of streaming, iiTzTimmy has already reached over 50,000 subscribers and climbing.

The rising Twitch star has also used this subathon as means of experimenting outside his normal comfort zone. While one of the most recognizable and prominent figures in Apex Legends, iiTzTimmy has tried his hand at VALORANT, several virtual reality games, and Bloodhunt.

Though iiTzTimmy still has a lot of ground to over if he plans on going the entire one-year distance for his subathon, he’s certainly made waves with his ambitious plan. With any luck, the Twitch star may be celebrating his twenty-third birthday on stream as well.