How to watch World of Warcraft’s Castle Nathria Race to World First

Options are plentiful.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The World of Warcraft “Race to World First” begins tomorrow for the game’s first Mythic raid in Shadowlands, Castle Nathria—and there will be no shortage of ways to watch the event on Twitch.

Following the success of broadcasts done by Method, Red Bull, and Complexity-Limit, there are a number of guilds now looking to market their brand during the event that could last into Christmas weekend.

More than likely, top guilds like Complexity-Limit and Echo will plow through the raid’s first few bosses in the first day or two before reaching roadblocks along the way while they try to become the first in the world to kill Sire Denathrius, the raid’s final boss, on Mythic difficulty.

Typically, a raid’s Race to World First (RWF) lasts at least six days. But depending on how difficult the final few bosses are, it could end up taking multiple weeks, giving viewers a chance to look at numerous perspectives. 

Here’s a list of some of the viewing options fans have starting tomorrow.


As the reigning RWF champions, the Complexity broadcast will likely have some of the strongest viewership of any guild putting something together. 

Along with well-known talent commentating the event, the organization has enlisted the help of One True King, a group of popular WoW streamers led by Asmongold, to give daily roundtable discussions about the race.

If you’re looking for a broad overview discussion of the event that includes some surface level discussions about the raid as well as detailed strategy, this channel will likely give you the best combination.


Following an organizational rebuild in October, Method will have a slightly different look to its broadcast. In previous raids, the guild didn’t broadcast team communications on stream. 

But this time around, you’ll be able to catch everything that the guild does on as well as on founder and raider Scott “Sco” McMillan’s Twitch stream.

Method’s broadcast likely won’t have the same level of production that it did during previous raids during WoW’s last expansion, Battle for Azeroth.


Following a mass exodus from Method during the summer, a large number of former Method raiders formed a guild called Echo that will prove to be the toughest competition for Complexity-Limit in Castle Nathria. 

As a European guild, Echo won’t have access to the raid until Dec. 16, but the squad will have its own production team featuring well-known names in WoW like Cayna, MrGM, and FatbossTV. 

Along with including voice comms, something that Complexity-Limit gained fame for doing during BFA, the guild has partnered with Logitech, Blue Microphone, Red Bull, and Rise Above the Disorder.

Big Dumb Gaming

Recently added to the Golden Guardian umbrella, BDG’s stream will include voice comms as well as multiple player perspectives and personalities. BDG was the second-best North American guild prior to joining Golden Guardians, and while it’ll be tough for them to overtake Limit, its stream will certainly be something worth checking out during the marathon week to come.

Limit Maximum

If you’re a hardcore WoW enthusiast and just want the nitty-gritty dirty details of every pull, watching Complexity-Limit’s GM and tank player Maximum is your best shot. 

Max’s PoV in previous raids broke ground for the onslaught of teams providing comms during live broadcasts. Prior to Max sharing his guild’s communications on stream, all other top guilds broadcasting the RWF had team communications muted. 

You might want to flip to another stream when he goes on a bathroom or lunch break, but Max’s perspective and audio will give you more in-depth insight than any of the team-oriented broadcasts.

Most RWF streams will begin tomorrow, Dec. 15.