How to make someone a VIP on Twitch

Give special viewers a unique badge.

Image via Twitch

A VIP member in a streamer’s community is a special individual recognized with a special badge. Streamers can assign VIP spots to consistent viewers, friends, or avid supporters of the stream. 

Streamers unlock 10 VIP slots by completing the Build a Community achievement, which requires 50 followers and five unique chatters. Viewers assigned a VIP spot will have an exclusive badge that sets them apart from other fans. 

VIP slots will continue to unlock as a streamer accumulates more unique chatters. Twenty badges are unlocked at 20 unique chatters, and 10 slots are unlocked every five new unique chatters, up to 25. Another 10 VIP slots are unlocked after hitting 50 unique chatters. 

Once players hit 100 and 200 unique chatters, they will unlock a total of 80 and 100 VIP slots, respectively. 

VIPs can chat without being affected by slow, sub-only, or followers-only modes. They can also post links into chat even when links are disabled. But VIPs are not immune to channel moderators and must follow the chat rules. 

How to assign a viewer VIP status

Streamers can make a viewer a VIP in the Roles Manager menu. Streamers can find this menu within the Community tab after clicking the Hamburger menu. To make a viewer a VIP, hit the Add New button in the top right corner. You can also adjust the VIP status of current VIPs in this menu. 

You can also use chat commands to assign VIP roles. Type /vip {username} to assign a VIP slot to a viewer. To remove the VIP status type /unvip {username}. 

VIP badges cannot be customized, and a VIP cannot be both a VIP and a Moderator. VIPs are also not granted access to sub badges or sub-only emotes, but a subscriber can be given VIP status.