How to join Minecraft Monday’s weekly tournaments

Get ready to pay for a chance to play.

Image via Mojang

Minecraft Mondays are weekly tournaments that feature a plethora of celebrities all vying to become the champion.

Teams of two take part in multiple Minecraft game modes, such as Hunger Games, TnT Run, and Spleef, to earn points throughout the day. Even though there are all the teams of celebrities who participate, there’s a way for players from the MCMonday server to join in on the weekly action—at a price.

By paying for ranks using your cash on the server, you’ll be entered into a raffle to try and get in on the action sometime in the future. There’s no guarantee that you’ll get into the live matches, however.

Week eight’s Minecraft Monday winners, Needlexd and MCmorganplayz, were two players who got into the tournament through this method. If you buy iron rank, you get one entry into the raffle per week. The gold rank gets you three entries and diamond grants you five.

Ranks also come with bonuses for the server, such as cosmetic items and priority to get into games. Rank sales go toward keeping the server running.

So if you want to face off against some of YouTube and Twitch’s biggest Minecraft stars, prepare to sink money into MCMonday and pray that you get your five minutes of fame.