How to create a poll on YouTube Gaming

Quick and easy.

Image via YouTube

YouTube this week released a new feature allowing content creators to post polls in their chat as an added way to draw engagement from viewers.

Live polls on YouTube work similarly to polls on other platforms like Twitch. They can be used during streams or even the premieres of videos.

All YouTube content creators can create polls. The first step to doing so is to look at the bottom of the chat on your YouTube channel and select the icon for creating a poll.

From there, you only need to follow the basic instructions for setting up your poll. Type in the question you’d like to ask, provide some options for your viewers, and select “ask your community.”

Once you’ve gotten as many responses as you’d like, you can finish the poll by clicking “end poll.” This option will be visible at the top of your chat.

Viewers can only vote one time per poll and options can’t be changed once they’re submitted.

As of right now, you can only create polls on YouTube from a computer and they must have between two to four options for answers.

Polls can stay up for as long as 24 hours, but they’ll only show up for live viewers. They won’t appear for viewers watching a VOD.