How to claim a free Ludwig subathon sticker

All 282,000 of you.

Screengrab via Ludwig

After a record-breaking Subathon stream, Ludwig is giving back to those who made it possible.

Earlier today, the streamer announced that everyone who subscribed during the marathon stream can redeem a Ludwig7 sticker for free.

To get your hands on this gift, go to, connect your Twitch account with a subscription to his channel, and provide your postal address.

Ludwig closed out his stream with a record-breaking 282,000 subscribers. This number topped the previous record held by Ninja of 269,154.

According to reports, the stream brought in over $1.4 million of revenue overall, but after paying his mods, tax, and charity donations, Ludwig is believed to have made around $200,000 from the 31-day stream.

If you’re one of the 282,000 subscribers who were a part of the subathon and you’d like to score yourself a free sticker, make sure to do so soon as it isn’t clear if you can still redeem once your subscription is over.