How to assign or revoke a Founders Badge on Twitch

Once you take it away, you can never give it back.

Screengrab via xQc on Twitch

Twitch yesterday announced changes coming to the way that Founders Badge holders can be dished out on channels, and the change will start affecting some communities fairly quickly.

Giving content creators the ability to remove the Founders Badge from users, Twitch has given streamers the ultimate control on who gets to be considered a Founder on their channel.

The Founders Badge is a “1st” icon that shows up next to the names of users who are among the first to subscribe to your channel. For Affiliates, the first 10 lifetime subscribers to their channel are considered Founders, and the first 25 subs to Partner channels are considered Founders.

Streamers still technically do not have the ability to assign a Founders Badge to a specific user, but they can manipulate who is considered a Founder by going to the Insights portion of their Channel Analytics on their channel’s Creator Dashboard.

Image via Twitch

As of this week, streamers have the ability to “Revoke” Founder status from one of their original subs, thus making the next person in line a Founder.

The premise is that if someone with a Founders Badge to your stream has an account that has been banned or if they are no longer a member of your community, you can remove them as one of your Founders Badge holders.

Image via Twitch

Revoking someone with a Founders Badge is irreversible according to Twitch, and someone who has their status revoked can’t become a Founder again in the future.

In order to remove a Founder, you simply need to click the trash can icon to the far right of the row with their Founder info on the Founders Badge Holders page.

After you remove someone as a Founder, the next eligible person will become a Founder. If you are an Affiliate, this will be your 11th subscriber chronologically. For Partners, it will be your 26th.