How to apply for YouTube Gifted Memberships beta

It's finally here, but in limited quantities.

Image via YouTube

At long last, Gifted Memberships are making their way to YouTube, bolstering the platform’s developing livestream service with a much-needed feature. Creators, especially some of the bigger names on the platform, have been clamoring for YouTube’s version of “gifted subs” used by their rivals at Twitch, and now it’s here.

According to YouTube’s Global Head of Gaming Creators, Gifted Memberships on YouTube cost $5, feature a 70/30 percent revenue share in favor of creators, and currently can be purchased in quantities of one, five, 10, or 20 by channel members. Gifted members get one month of access to all the channel membership perks, and YouTube prioritizes Gifted Memberships to viewers that interact more with the stream.

Gifted Memberships is currently in a limited beta, with only a handful of creators equipped with the feature. You can sign up to get early access in future betas over the next few months before it’s fully rolled out, however.

How to sign up for YouTube Gifted Memberships access

Interested creators can sign up for access to the Gifted Memberships feature by filling out this Google form. The form is very simple; it gives an overview of how Gifted Memberships works and reminds creators that viewers must opt-in to receiving gifts (just once) when they turn on a livestream.

To sign up, creators just need to give their channel name and their channel ID, and select “Yes” when asked if they are “happy to confirm participation in the Gifting beta” and enable the feature. Your channel ID is located in the advanced settings of your YouTube account profile. Then click Submit.

If you’re a creator with multiple livestreaming channels, you will have to submit the form for each one.

The first beta wave is only for a “small group” of creators, including some of the platform’s biggest names like TimTheTatman, Valkyrae, CourageJD, DrLupo, and several others. That beta officially goes live on May 11.