How much money does Castro make on Twitch?

The king of FIFA on Twitch.

Screengrab via Castro

FIFA isn’t one of the more popularly played gaming franchises on Twitch. The game is just the 14th most-watched category in the past year.

But in that category, there’s one man who dominates all other content creators in the FIFA streaming scene. With more than 1,000 hours streamed playing FIFA 21, Castro has more than twice the hours watched of any other content creator in the game (27.7 million), according to SullyGnome.

Considering the market that he’s cornered on the platform, it only makes sense that when stream payouts were leaked earlier this month, Castro was among the most well-paid.

From August 2019 through October 2021, Twitch paid Castro’s channel (Castro_1021) $2,311,021 for subscriptions, bits, and advertisement revenue, according to the leak.

Image via KnowSomething

Leaked payout information did not include direct donations, sponsorships, exclusive platform deals, or any other forms of income.

Castro’s payout over that 26-month period had him ranked 19th among all other streamers on the platform.

Much of Castro’s payout likely came from his noteworthy subscriber count. Ranked ninth among all streamers, according to Twitch Tracker, he has 37,307 active subscribers and an all-time high of 44,977 active subscribers.