How much does it cost to boost a Twitch stream?

Boost this Stream's price points are revealed.

Image via Twitch

Twitch’s Boost this Stream feature allows viewers to pay to increase their streamer’s potential exposure on Twitch’s homepage.

Announced in late September 2021, this upcoming feature has had little in the way of public testing during its months-long development stage. The feature has also been met with a harsh reception from viewers and streamers alike. Criticism for the Boost this Stream includes claims that it cultivates a pay-to-win environment on the platform. Despite initial reactions, Twitch still intends to release the feature at an undisclosed date for U.S. users.

Viewers can begin the described “community challenge” by reaching a designated amount of channel points set by Twitch. If the Boost this Stream challenge is unlocked, viewers can then pay monetary amounts to improve a channel’s visibility and promotion on the platform’s front page and in users’ recommended channels area.

The threshold to reach this community challenge will vary on channel size, though the goal of the feature is ultimately to aid smaller streamers in improving their reach. Streamers can opt out of Boost this Stream in their Creator Dashboard under the Promotions tab.

Boost This Stream prices

Boost this Stream has three expected price categories. Given that the feature is still under development and has not been released to the public, the price points are subject to change but will correlate with a designated number of recommendations to Twitch users. Reported on first by streaming reporter Zach Bussey, the costs currently stand at:

  • $0.99 for 1,000 recommendations
  • $2.97 for 3,000 recommendations
  • $4.95 for 5,000 recommendations

During Twitch’s brief previews of the feature, it has been shown that there will be a maximum amount which a channel can be boosted. Despite this cap, it appears streamers will be able to boost their own stream.

Boost this Stream has been met with immense pushback and consequently has been delayed multiple times, but it is still expected to release on the platform. Though the stated goal is to aid in development of smaller streamers, the feature has only become embroiled in controversy over the direction of platform.