Hikaru loses channel points betting on xQc to beat Logic in chess

Luck was against him.

Screengrab via TSM

Five-time United States Chess champion Hikaru tuned in to watch fellow Twitch streamers XQC and Logic face off in a game of chess.

Confident that xQc would take victory, Hikaru went ahead and bet 75,000 channel points on him to win. Unfortunately, this would prove to be a bad prediction.

XQc was just moments away from securing a checkmate, seeing his path to victory right in front of him. But xQc’s time ran out, forfeiting the win to Logic.

Despite being a second too late to move his piece, xQc believed he had won the game contrary to the result on the screen, even providing feedback to Logic on what had happened and offering to play another game.

As the matches continued, Hikaru’s luck seemingly didn’t improve.

Throughout the duration of the pair’s matches, Hikaru eventually lost the majority of his channel points from xQc’s stream.