Here are Welyn’s Rust settings

Play under the most optimal conditions.

Image via Facepunch Studios

While marketing plays a huge factor when a game first hits the shelves, it’s impossible to deny the effect that content creators have on the overall player counts. Similar to how Among Us suddenly rose from its hibernation, it looks like Rust could be next on that list.

OfflineTV members like Scarra, Toast, and Poki recently picked up Rust and have been streaming their adventures on a server of their own. The member count of the server increases by the day, however, and even known names within the Rust community like Welyn are in the server.

Welyn is an avid Rust player, publishing guides and gameplay videos about the game on his YouTube channel since late 2016. Welyn also has a Twitch community that he’s been building since 2018, averaging around 1,500 viewers every time he launches Rust on stream.

Though Welyn somewhat mastered the game and knows every finer detail to perform flawlessly on a new server, his settings allow him to use his hardware to its full potential. You should know which settings offer eye-candy-like features and which are necessary to have a competitive advantage while adjusting your own settings. If you’d like to save some time and jump right into the game with optimized options, however, Welyn’s settings should have you set for a while.

Here are Welyn’s Rust settings.

Welyn’s general and user interface settings

Field of view75Compass visibilityOn
User interface scale0.8Show chatOff
Show brandingOffShow nametagsOff
Game tipsOff

Welyn’s graphics settings

Welyn’s image effects

Anti-aliasingOffDepth of fieldOff
Ambient occlusionOnHigh quality bloomOn
Lens dirtOffMotion blurOff
Sun shaftsOnSharpenOff

Welyn’s graphics quality settings

Graphics qualityFourShadow qualityTwo
Shadow cascadesTwo cascadesMax shadow lightsZero
Water qualityTwoWater reflectionsTwo
Shader level505Draw distance2,500
Shader distance499Anisotropic filtering16
Parallax mappingOneGrass displacementOn

Welyn’s mesh quality settings

Particle quality86Object quality170
Tree quality160Max tree meshes83
Terrain quality82Grass quality83
Decor quality81

Welyn’s physics and experimental settings

Max gibs213Occlusion cullingOff
Grass shadowsOnContact shadowsOn