HasanAbi fans design dating simulator-like game around the streamer

The fan project has already been seen by the streamer himself.

Screengrab via HasanAbi on YouTube

A group of fans have started working on developing a dating simulator-like game centered around massively popular streamer and creator HasanAbi.

The first reveal of the game originated from one of the fans teasing the simulator through a tweet, showcasing a short video showing off what the fans behind the game have developed for it thus far.

The fan proceeded to list the credits for the development of the game, which includes themselves as the artist and three other Hasan fans as the animator, story developer, and music creator.

The same fan in charge of the artwork for the game also showed off a few of their illustrations of the streamer that they created for the game.

While streaming on May 26, Hasan discovered that the dating simulator-like game centered around him was being made.

“Wait, no way,” the streamer said after discovering the game. “My manager literally fucking texted me yesterday saying ‘dude, we need to make a dating simulator of you.'”

Hasan then proceeded to watch the short teaser clip of the game before moving on to discuss other topics.

“We can evenly divide the cake, but you have me all to yourself,” the streamer said as he read the dialogue of his character. “What the fuck?”

The streaming star later quote-retweeted the fan’s artwork on his alternate Twitter account and proclaimed “this is fire.”

Following Hasan’s encouraging response and other positive receptions from the rest of the community, the fans behind the game have quickly moved forward with working on bringing the game to life. One of the fans is working on developing the music that will be playing throughout the game.

Some of the other fans are brainstorming an official name for the game and beginning the process of writing dialogue that stays true to what the streamer would actually say. The fans behind the game are seeking help from fellow Hasan fans and the general community for input in developing these aspects of the game.

The fan developing the artwork for the game confirmed in a tweet that the project is in a very early stage of development and the team has only just begun drafting out their plans for it.

While no release date is set, the team is moving forward quickly, so Hasan fans can likely expect to see this dating simulator-like fan project brought fully to life sometime in the future.