Hasan raises more than $500,000 to support people affected by earthquakes in Turkey and Syria

Hasan has raised over half a million after Turkey and Syria were struck by earthquakes.

Screengrab via [Twitch.tv/HasanAbi](Twitch.tv/HasanAbi)

Hasan “HasanAbi” Piker has started a fundraiser to gather money for people affected by Feb. 6 earthquakes in Eastern Turkey and Syria.

The popular content creator is supporting his home country and Syria which were both devastated by earthquakes by setting up a fundraiser. The charities benefiting from this fundraiser are CARE Turkey, CARE Syria, and AKUT & Ahbap. At the time of writing, it has raised more than $596,000.

During his stream on Feb. 6, HasanAbi specifically explained that he looked for organizations that aren’t tied to the Turkish government so that the money actually goes to those in need.

The fundraiser accepts credit cards and PayPal, making it really easy for donors to participate in it. HasanAbi himself currently sits on the table of top donors with $25,000 given. Other content creators that have already participated in the fundraiser include Valkyrae, JackSepticEye, Ludwig, and tarik, just to name a few.

On Feb. 6, two massive earthquakes struck Eastern Turkey and Syria, with the first one, which happened around 4 am local time, registering at a 7.8 magnitude. The second, which followed in the afternoon, had a magnitude of 7.5.

As of now, the official death toll is said to be more than 5,000, according to Turkey’s vice-president Fuat Oktay, via Guardian. Moreover, the outlet informed on the morning of Feb. 7, that 24,400 people are involved in search and rescue, with 5,775 buildings confirmed to have collapsed, which could leave tens of thousands of people stuck under rubble.


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