GTA RP streamer takes roleplaying a live concert to the next level

He was really playing a guitar.

Image via Rockstar Games

Players in Grand Theft Auto V Roleplay servers have to get into their characters while playing. They must make sure their actions reflect what their character would be doing when a certain situation arises, from driving a car in the city to heated arguments with random people on the street.

And sometimes you can be playing live in a bar for a few people, just like MikeTheBard. You have to sing on your microphone to make your character sing exactly like they would while the song plays in the background. But Mike took it to the next level and also connected his guitar to his computer and managed to make the game capture his riffs while playing Ozzy Osbourne’s “Mama, I’m Coming Home.”

While Mike was making his chat go crazy with the performance, other GTA RP players who were watching his show from the point of view of other streamers like Saqib “LIRIK” Zahid didn’t realize he was playing a real guitar.

Apparently, MikeTheBard has a history of singing songs for streamers live. When LIRIK was streaming a roleplay mod of Arma 3 in 2014, Mike was the one who sang the “Don’t Idle Your Car” rap for him to teach LIRIK’s character about the environmental damage of idling his car and told the story of Jimmy on a bus trip while playing the piano.

Mike seemingly has been dedicating his gaming life to being a bard in any shape and form he can in roleplaying games. We might see him yet again in the future, probably in a new GTA RP concert where your favorite streamer will be.