Greekgodx unbanned on Twitch after 3 days

GGX is back on Twitch.

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Popular Twitch streamer Greegodx’s ban has been lifted after three days.

The notorious British streamer is one of Twitch’s most well-known figures. Following a return from an extended hiatus in 2020, Greekgodx’s channel quickly became embroiled in controversy after sharing his opinion on the pandemic, the COVID-19 vaccine, and other divisive topics.

On a June 28 stream, Greekgodx made a now infamously known diatribe, outlining his expectations for a “traditional” marriage from his future spouse. Alongside this, the infrequent streamer also condemned fellow broadcasters, continued to push his thoughts on the COVID-19 vaccine, and attempted to explain why he is still single.

Only hours after this broadcast, Greekgodx was hit with a temporary suspension from Twitch. Countless viewers and fellow broadcasters were critical of the streaming veteran following his controversial stream and welcomed the sudden ban. Though many theorized the ban came from his sexist rant or continued misinformation around COVID-19, Greekgodx later disclosed it may have actually been for twerking on stream.

Replying to the StreamerBans announcement of his suspension, Greekgodx apologized for the twerking that landed him a ban. “Sorry boys I’ll keep that type of content for TikTok,” the streamer said. It is unclear if this is actually the reason behind his ban since Twitch does not respond to violations of its community guidelines. But given that harassment or hate speech carries a far more severe sentencing time, Greekgodx was likely banned for inappropriate exposure.

Only three days after being banned, Greekgodx revealed he was allowed back on the platform in a bizarre Twitter video. Feigning an apology, the streamer said he was “sorry for not giving a fuck,” later making kisses at the camera.

After making a splash both during his last stream and over the course of his three-day ban, Greekgodx is back on the platform.