Greekgodx banned on Twitch for second time

It's likely not permanent.

Screengrab via TSM

TSM streamer Greekgodx has been handed his second Twitch ban in over a year—but it likely isn’t permanent. 

Greekgodx was suspended on Twitch today, but the reason for his ban is unknown at time of writing. The ban follows a slew of terminations via DMCA takedowns of copyrighted music on Twitch, but it’s unclear if this is related to his ban. 

Greek is still a Twitch partner, according to one user, so his ban likely isn’t permanent. Otherwise, his partnership status would have been removed from his account. 

He could have been banned for several reasons, including nudity, which one user reported on Reddit. They said that Greek watched a video on YouTube that featured partial male nudity, which is against Twitch’s terms of service. 

This ban comes just days after some of the most popular Twitch streamers were handed temporary suspensions. On Nov. 18, former Overwatch League player xQc was banned on Twitch for the fourth time for stream sniping, which violated the rules of GlitchCon. Four days ago, Forsen was also banned for the third time this year. 

Greek was handed his first Twitch ban last year on Sept. 19 for inappropriate comments toward gender. He joked about multiple gender options on the music streaming service SoundCloud and was banned for two weeks. 

It’s likely that Greek will be back on Twitch within two weeks depending on the severity of the ban.