Greedgodx unbanned on Twitch after 2 weeks

The ban turned out to be 14 days.

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On Sept. 19, streamer Dimitri “Greekgodx” Antonatos was banned from Twitch. But today, he and his fans can celebrate since the site has lifted his ban, which lasted two weeks.

At time of writing, Greek has not streamed since being unbanned. But his fans are still flooding his chat to spam memes and emotes with joy.

Twitch suspended the streamer because of a comment, which he said was a joke, about gender options on Soundcloud during an IRL stream.

“Anybody go make a Soundcloud account and wait for the options where it says gender, you will fucking omegalul,” he said. “It does ‘male,’ it does ‘female,’ it does ‘other,’ and it does ‘prefer to not say.’ Imagine having other and prefer to not say, what cucks are they fucking catering to now… If you put ‘other,’ they should say, ‘Sorry, Soundcloud is not for you.'”

After being hit with the ban, Greek apologized via Twitter. He said he didn’t “mean to be hurtful or hateful.”