GiantWaffle has broken the Twitch record for most hours streamed in a month

The popular variety streamer began streaming every day at the start of November.

Image via Twitch

Popular streamer Andrew “GiantWaffle” Bodine has secured the record for most hours streamed in a month on Twitch after broadcasting for more than 19 hours a day.

The streamer revealed that he only got about four hours of sleep a night, while also setting up several cameras around his house to capture all the action. His dedication has finally broken the record, previously set by streamer Jackson “JayBigs” Bigsby.

GiantWaffle ended the month with almost 573 hours of streaming time. JayBigs, on the other hand, ended this past August with 569 hours, which is still an incredible feat. GiantWaffle even had an impressive three million hours watched, with more than 10,000 subscribers joining in that time. His efforts also made him the 15th most watched channel on the platform.

We should expect more people to try their hand at the record in the future, since the previous record only stood for three months before GiantWaffle broke it. Going for the record, however, must be extremely taxing on a streamer and should be done with caution.

The lack of sleep could be slightly dangerous for people who aren’t used to staying up for extended periods of time without rest. So for those who are thinking of gunning for the record, be safe and remember that your health should a priority.