Gaules banned from Twitch

One of the most-watched streamers on Twitch had his channel shut down.

Photo via BLAST

Gaules, the biggest Brazilian streamer, has been banned from Twitch earlier today during his last broadcast.

The former professional CS:GO player and coach turned into content creator was broadcasting the NBA game Los Angeles Lakers vs. Oklahoma City Thunder when his Twitch channel was shut down. He has the NBA broadcast rights since earlier this year.

As per usual, the reasoning for his ban and the suspension time hasn’t been announced by Twitch. The ban quickly sparked a reaction from the Brazilian community, who put the hashtag #FREEGAU on Twitter’s trending topics.

Over the past hours, Gaules has told his fans to remain calm as his channel would come back soon and that he would broadcast PGL Stockholm Major playoffs as planned. It’s an important day for Brazilian Counter-Strike—FURIA is due to play Gambit in the quarterfinals and Gaules was expecting to have a record-breaking broadcast when the game goes live at 10:30am CT.

One hour ago, however, Gaules put out a mysterious tweet. “If you have faith, leave your F in the chat,” he wrote. The word F, in gaming culture, means to pay your respects when someone dies.

Gaules currently has over three million followers on Twitch and has been the most-watched streamer on the Amazon-owned platform in the past 14 days, according to Sullygnome. It’s currently unclear if his channel will be back in time for him to broadcast FURIA vs. Gambit.

Update Nov. 5 8:42am CT: Gaules has been unbanned by Twitch after nearly 10 hours and is preparing to go live.