Games Done Quick surpasses $30 million raised for charity in over a decade

A massive milestone for such an amazing event.

Image via Games Done Quick

Games Done Quick has raised money for charity by bringing together the speedrunning community for more than a decade now, and Awesome Games Done Quick Online 2021 pushed the event to an incredible milestone. 

Since the first Classic Games Done Quick, which is now known as AGDQ, on Jan. 1, 2010, runners from around the world have helped raise an impressive amount of money for fantastic causes, such as the Prevent Cancer Foundation and Doctors Without Borders.

Before the end of AGDQ 2021, GDQ has now raised more than $30 million for charity. The donation total for all DGQ events at the time of writing is $30,405,494.25, raised by 226,140 donors across 610,650 donations. 

GDQ also tracks some other interesting data, such as the max, average, and median donations made throughout the years. 

The highest single donation recorded at a GDQ event was $356,306, while the average donation sits at around $49.79. The median donation overall is about $20.00, which is likely due to all of those $5 donation trains that happen throughout every event.

By the end of AGDQ 2021, the total number of runs broadcast during GDQ over the years will hit 3,151, with 2,627 prizes given out, and 2,289 bids placed on those prizes to enter for a chance to win them. 

AGDQ 2020 currently holds the record for the most money raised for charity, totaling $3,164,002 between Jan. 5 and 12 last year. AGDQ 2021 is currently on pace to crack $2 million while all of the runners broadcast directly from their homes.

You can view a full breakdown of GDQ’s historical statistics on the event’s official website.