Forsen’s Twitch channel reinstated after month-long ban

The streamer received the ban in November for showing an inappropriate GIF on stream.

Image via Twitch

Twitch has reinstated the account of popular streamer Forsen after he received an indefinite ban in November for showing an inappropriate clip during a livestream.

The platform indefinitely banned the streamer’s account on Nov. 26 following the incident. The ban lasted exactly one month.

Although the reasoning behind the ban wasn’t immediately clear, Forsen later confirmed on his Twitter it was because of an inappropriate horse GIF he had showed during a broadcast.

“I’m currently banned for the horse gif,” Forsen wrote. “The ban is indefinite, which means undetermined ban duration. Unlucky.”

This wasn’t the first time the streamer received a ban this year, however. Forsen received his first ban of 2020 in May for using racially insensitive language. He was then banned a second time this year in September for day before his account was quickly reinstated.

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Fans of the streamer can catch Forsen’s return to the platform on his Twitch channel.