Forsen struggles with stream snipers in Fall Guys

"I will end you."

Screengrab via Daniil1288

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout might be a goofy-looking multiplayer obstacle racing game, but Forsen is learning the hard way that any time certain Twitch viewers have an opportunity to mess with a streamer, they will.

On one particular map today, Forsen was nearing the end of a race before he saw an opponent standing at the finish line, waiting for him specifically.

Dipping, diving, and dodging his way around various obstacles, Forsen was just about to complete the intensely difficult level before one of his opponents decided that Forsen hadn’t been tested enough. 

After Forsen passed the final swaying ball in-between him and the finish line, this opponent turned around and charged directly at Forsen specifically to prevent him from completely the level. 

“I will end you,” Forsen said as he tried his hardest to push past the enemy. 

But it was only Forsen whose time on the map would end. After resisting an initial surge by the stream sniper, Forsen’s positioning became askew and he was disposed of by his opponent who was able to bump him off the side of the map.

Forsen hasn’t dedicated too much time to Fall Guys, the game, which is still in beta and set to officially release on Aug. 4, only accounts for six of his 150 hours streamed in the past month. 

But that doesn’t make the pain of being targeted any less hurtful.

Despite his issues with stream snipers, don’t feel too bad for Forsen. In the past month, only one game that he’s played has averaged more viewers. In six hours, Forsen has managed to average 13,811 viewers, peaking at 16,259. The number is notably higher than his average across all games that sits at 9,530.